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Bamboo Fencing Panels 2.4m x 1m

Bamboo Fencing Panels 2.4m x 1m

AUD $43.50


Pickup in Dandenong South
Pickup is available by appointment between the hours of 12pm - 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Excluding long weekends and public holidays. Pickup of goods will incur a $5.00 handling fee which will be reflected in the total price.

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Product Dimensions:

Panel Dimensions: 2.4m (H) x 1m (W)
Pole Width: Each bamboo pole is 5 to 8 cm wide
Decorative Rope: 5 rows of double woven black coco rope
Colour: Natural

Product Specifications:

- Half cut / half raft panels
- All panels are hand crafted in Indonesia
- Double sanded and double lacquered guaranteeing a smooth and shiny finish front and back
- Thick Bamboo backing support rails (30-35mm wide) are used in the construction of these panels so no trees are harmed unlike timber support rails, our bamboo rails will not deteriorate and can withstand the elements
- We apply two coats of water based eco-friendly lacquer resulting in attractive gloss finish
- We use double woven decorative coco rope which will stand up to the elements increasing the longevity of our panels

To protect your panels against fading we strongly recommend applying a clear coat of Bamboo Rejuvenator prior to or shortly after installation to protect the panels from UV rays if installing in an area that is exposed to sun. Bamboo Rejuvenator is available for purchase via our store in 2L and 4L tins.

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