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Carma Living Pty Ltd A.B.N 60 793 363 316

Carma Living is a family owned and operated Australian company with fresh ideas and concepts, designing and producing unique, stylish and eco-friendly home and garden décor. A great deal of thought has gone into creating some stunning and exclusive designs and we are pleased to have the opportunity to present our exciting range to you.

It is our mission is to source the very best selection of home and garden decor for our customers. Through strong relationships with our manufacturers and our high volume purchasing ability, we are able to keep our costs low and pass terrific savings along to you. We are committed to making decorating your home and garden easy, affordable and fun.

Carma Living offers the highest quality and biggest range of bamboo fencing panels in Australia. Handcrafted from natural, renewable resources at our factory in Indonesia and sold direct to the general public at wholesale pricing.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth regenerating to full mass in as little as six months and releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees. It can be re-harvested as mature strands in 3 – 7 years without causing any damage to the environment. The incredible strength of bamboo out-performs the very best timbers in hardness and dimensional stability. Structural tests of bamboo have scored a higher tensile rating than some steel alloys, higher compressive ratings than concrete and higher strength to weight ratios than graphite. Its surface is smooth and consistent, as is the fibre of bamboo – no knots or variations in densities. Aside from a small variation at the node point, the strength is consistent the entire cut length.

Our product selection is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the popular home and garden decor market. We sell what we love and that has been the driving force behind our growing business. We are continually working hard to source and design new and exciting products.

Carma Living has the right furniture and accessories to bring sophistication and comfort to your home and garden with our stylish range so you can be sure you will always find top-quality merchandise for your home at the very best prices.

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